Food Co-op

Hey friends! We operate a bulk grocery-buying club and we want to invite YOU!
A few facts:
*Orders are placed once a month and they arrive approximately 9 - 10 days after we place the order.
*Orders are placed through the Azure Standard website, not directly through Rosebud's.  
*Our drop name is ROSEBUD'S REAL FOOD COMMUNITY DROP and the pick up is COVINGTON, OH.
*You are strongly requested to be here for pick up, we cannot hold refrigerated/frozen items as we just don't have the space. We realize life happens and the delivery truck breaks down. We do have the capacity to hold your order in the case of emergency. 
*If for some reason we have to deliver your items to you, there will be a minimum $10 fee.
*Rosebud's Real Food is primarily an herb/spice/seasoning mix company. We stay in business by selling herbs, spices & seasoning mixes in small quantities or in bulk! You are welcome to order anything from Azure, I can't stop you, but please remember if you are ordering herbs, spices, or seasoning mixes from them, you are buying from my competition and I am trying to provide you a service by offering this community drop. Azure is not my supplier for most of these items.
Tell your friends!